The pumps we use are steel mounted instead of plastic or brass like other companies. Our pumps will stay-in-line.

we inspect, diagnose, repair, and install

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Eric Combs comes from a family of pump contractors working for the community over 70 years. We will offer you the best equipment and service to provide water to your family. Our company has accumulated knowledge to service any type of water well pump from antique systems to advanced technology.

Note to Owner

A majority of insurance claims we see for home owners is from an electrical fire. Our company is always following the up-to-date electrical codes when installing water systems. Not only is it important to me that you have a good system in place, but it will be safe as well.

Property Management Companies Rely on Combs Pumps, INC.

Every house needs a clean, sufficient supply of fresh water and many people in the rural area get their water from a private well. A hassle free process with proper communication makes Combs Pumps, INC. the right solution.