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Combs Pumps, INC. provides quality services for residential and commercial projects in Stanislaus County.

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Agricultural Systems

We know you demand the highest performance and quality from your equipment. Your business, plants, and animals depend on it. Our professionally engineered, high-quality systems are customized just for your needs. Choosing Combs Pumps, INC. means years of trouble free and efficient operation. [Find Out More]

Residential Systems

If you are a homeowner interested in obtaining a quote for pump services for your home, or a builder interested in learning how Combs Pumps, INC. can help with your pump needs and add to your bottom line, please contact us. [Find Out More]

Alternative Systems

With diverse options, we can deliver exact pressure for your different applications. Your customized system will help you irrigate more efficiently while minimizing water and energy use. With our high quality parts, the lifetime of your system will be extended. Find out more about these great options; discover how Combs Pumps, INC. can help you save. [Find Out More]

Testing, Filtration and Storage Systems

Most people do not think to store water for their home in case of an emergency. Water is arguably the most important resource to have available. Stored water can be used for other applications: livestock and aquaponics gardening.

We offer well inspections with certified results for real-estate transactions. Storage tanks are available for livestock and fire protection. [Find Out More]